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 Kissun is a trademarked brand of Kissun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in 2019, is an international natural dietary health supplement product brand from Sydney, Australia.

Kissun Pharmaceuticals was established in 1997.  Our business is divided into two major parts: medicine and health supplement products.

In the healthcare products business sector, Kissun takes a unique approach that is completely different from other well-known healthcare products companies.  Kissun has less direct production and sales of healthcare products in the past quite a long time.  After the Kissun R&D team was formed, most of the time, it focused on scientific research on healthcare products.  Only accept the entrustment of some well-known healthcare product manufacturers, and accept the entrustment of some health care product manufacturers around the world, to develop products for production enterprises, formulate healthcare product technical plans and carry out specific experiments.  In the international healthcare product format chain, Kissun is responsible for the research and development link or the scientific research end.


The Kissun team of scientists has conducted in-depth scientific research and analysis on more than 13,000 herbal plant ingredients around the world, and established a huge plant ingredient data system.  Combining traditional herbal medicine from various countries, including India, America, and China with modern nutrition and medical technology, we carefully develop formulas, and with the support of a large number of scientific data, evidence and clinical trials, we have obtained real and effective data, and finally formed unique products.  The formulas are  handed over to the manufacturer of health supplement products.


Founder Andrew Kissun uses the latest research and development in nutritional and medical science as evidence supports, combining the traditions of medicine and nature to carefully develop each formula and inspire people internationally on how to invest in their health.


Kissun is named after Dr. Kissun himself.  But Kissun is a group of scientific research teams.  The structure of the Kissun team is divided into two levels.  One is Kissun’s own team of scientists, which belongs to a basic team of Kissun.  They are mainly responsible for the research and formulation of basic plans for product development.  This team of scientists is mainly composed of Australian scientists.  The second level is the alliance of scientists.  Alliance scientists include scientists from relevant scientific research institutions and well-known universities in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China, India, Canada, and Japan.  There are world-class scientists in biology, human health, and medical sciences.  They use modern communication as a communication platform and share the most cutting-edge human health knowledge achievements in their respective fields with the Kissun team.


Kissun health supplement goes from backstage to frontstage.  Facing the international consumer groups.


Kissun started expanding our operation which means, Kissun is no longer solely focused on R&D.  Recently, Kissun has brought in some experienced manufacturers and distributors.  At present, Kissun has a complete integrated system from R&D to production and sales.

Recently, Kissun has developed a new series of health supplement products under the name of Kissun.  Share Kissun’s scientific research results directly with consumers.

Kissun’s health care products have been tested and certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).  Kissun becomes a new brand in the international health care products market.


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18-20 Fariola Street, Silverwater NSW 2128 Australia.


+61 2 9166 1988


+61 2 9166 1988



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Address: 18-20 Fariola Street, Silverwater NSW 2128
Email: info@kissun.com.au

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