What is MUM-2-B Baby Smart?

Baby Smart supports healthy brain development and was developed in Australia using scientifically validated concentrated fish oil to produce the maximum DHA content. Research suggests that supplementation with high DHA formulas provides important nutrient support for mothers and their babies during pregnancy.

What is in it?

MUM-2-B Baby Smart contains a scientifically validated concentrated form of DHA that is odourless, flavourless, pure and free from contaminants such as mercury. Stringent Australian GMP Guidelines enable for this to occur.

DHA Baby Smart guarantees a product that is virtually free of the unhealthy by-products that result from over-processing or improper handling, like Trans Fats, Free Fatty Acids, Peroxides Conjugated Dienes and Oligomers.

DHA Baby Smart also guarantees the lowest levels of environmental pollutants in the industry, like PCBs, Dioxin-like PCBs, Dioxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Brominated Flame Retardants

What can MUM-2-B Baby Smart do for you and your baby?

Literature suggests that fish oil may assist in neuro- logical development of the fetal brain & help to encourage full-term pregnancies. It may also aid to reduce the incidence of post-natal depression & promoted improved:

  • Cognitive Function (IQ scores)
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual acuity
  • Problem solving ability
  • Language & motor skills
  • Attention & focus on tasks

What are the three features of MUM-2-B Baby Smart?

  • High DHA, patented fish oil
  • No smell
  • No fishy taste

It may also prevent premature births and promote full-term pregnancies. Fish oil is essential for prenatal cognitive development & when taken during pregnancy may improve brain development and visual perception skills. Fish oil, being a good dietary source of DHA may also assist to reduce hyperactivity in children & promote one’s attention span & their focus on learning tasks.

The Benefits of Fish Oil – Critically analyzing the evidence

Brain Health & Cognition

Fish Oil is essential in any pregnancy and breastfeeding formula as its component, DHA has been scientifically verified to optimize brain and retinal development in the unborn child.

Supplementation with DHA may improve cognitive development and have a direct effect on the child’s intelligence, as DHA has an important role in the development of synaptic processing of neural cell interaction and growth.

The literature (Jensen, 2006) suggests that infants whose mothers ate oily fish or were supplemented with high DHA fish oil during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding had improved cognitive scores and visual acuity results than those with mothers who did not have the supplementation.

Up to 20% of the fatty tissue in a healthy child’s brain consists of DHA. DHA is important in eye health, intelligence, IQ and academic performance.

Full Term Pregnancy & Pre-Eclampsia

DHA and EPA intake may promote full-term pregnancies and protect against pre-eclampsia.

One particular study (Olsen et al, 1992) involving over 500 Danish women explored the effect of fish oil supplementation versus control of olive oil on the length of gestation. The randomized controlled trial, like many others that have been published, indicates that fish oil supplementation increased the length of gestation time significantly. The increased length ranges from 2 days to 5 weeks in several studies explored in Jensen’s systematic review (2006) and a subsequent Cochrane review (2006). It is important to note that mixed results have also been reported in regards to gestational length outcomes and more research is required in this field.

In addition to this Sorenson et al (1992) indicated that fish oil supplementation during the third trimester can prevent or treat pre-eclampsia and intra-uterine growth retardation due to its effects on the prostacyclin and thromboxane pathways. Despite this evidence is lacking in this area and no definitive conclusions have yet been made, especially in regards to pre-eclampsia prevention. However, Jensen (2006) explores the possibility that high arachidonic acid (AA) supplementation found in some products in addition to fish oil may in fact exacerbate or lead to pre-eclampsia (see further on for more details in regards to the possible adverse effects of AA supplementation in some of these products excluding Kissun’s Baby Smart formula which contains no AA).

Immunity & Allergies

It has also been found that children born to mothers supplementing with DHA have reduced levels of allergic immune responses.

The link between fatty acid supplementation and atopic disease (i.e. Allergies) is that several mediators which play a role in such reactions are synthesised in fact from arachidonic acid, a fatty acid in itself.

With the increased consumption of supplements containing linoleic acid, arachidonic acid and oleic acid, the incidence of allergies has increased over recent years. However, when fish oil is supplemented, EPA and DHA replace arachidonic acid stores in cell membranes throughout the body and in fact, inhibit the metabolism of arachidonic acid. This actually results in decreased inflammation and reduction in allergic reactions.

Not All Fish Oil Supplements Are Made Equal

Many animal and human studies (please refer to the reference study for more details) have shown that dietary fish oil including fish oil supplementation is beneficial in the protection against allergies and that it is rare to have an allergy to fish oil, especially if it has gone through the appropriate manufacturing processes (as in the Baby Smart fish oil manufacturing process) to remove traces of additional amino acids that may arise from other fatty acids.

Therefore individuals need to take into consideration which fish oil supplementation they wish to choose and try to avoid those with arachidonic, linoleic and oleic acid additions. If allergies arise due to the consumption of such products with these fatty acids it is suggested that the individual switch to use a supplement without the added fatty acids, such as Baby Smart.

Evidence emphasizes the important role of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), play in maternal, foetal and infant health and development. In fact, preliminary evidence examined in Jensen’s systematic review (2006) suggests that DHA supplementation or increased seafood consumption may reduce the incidence of depression during and post-pregnancy. However many of the trials are small and larger randomized controlled trials need to be performed before any significant recommendations can be provided.

It is important to note the possible adverse effects of consuming seafood and or fish oil products that may contain contaminants including mercury which has significant adverse effects on pregnancy and foetal outcomes. Even more important to note is that the patented form of DHA available in our Baby Smart product is free from contaminants and mercury tested to ensure the products purity and reduce the possibility of any mercury-related adverse effects.

A scientifically validated concentrated form of Fish oil & DHA

Baby Smart contains a patented and concentrated form of DHA that is odourless, flavourless, pure and free from contaminants such as mercury. Stringent Australian GMP Guidelines enable for this to occur. Please observe the production flow chart below for further insight into the process.

It is also important to note that it is recommended that fish oil capsules be individually packaged in an airtight blister packaging to prevent the oxidation of the fish oil itself. In saying this, many supplements are still being packaged together in bottles or containers without being individually sealed which exposes them to air and therefore starts to break the product down. It is suggested that consumers choose fish oil supplements individually packaged like the portion unit, blister packaging used for all of our products.

Otherwise, if this does not occur Grundt et al (2003) suggests that omega-3 containing products without portion unit packaging could easily transform into highly toxic peroxides which promote harmful effects in the body.

Baby Smart Production Flow Chart

The below image shows the production process utilised to concentrate, purify and decontaminate patented fish oil according to stringent Australian GMP Guidelines:

Purified fish oil as present in Kissun’s Baby Smart formula has fewer pollutants (like mercury which can lead to miscarriage), fewer calories and less cholesterol than ‘natural’ fish oil that has not been processed through a stringent protocol like ours.

If individuals are unable to obtain adequate omega-3 from fish and other food products in their diet, a concentrated fish oil supplement is the next best thing. In fact, a concentrated fish oil supplement like Baby Smart can contain up to 30 times the amount of omega-3 found in a serving of fish.

It is important that fish oil be purified for human consumption in order to minimize the levels of persistent environmental contaminants such as mercury, lead, PCBs and dioxins which can accumulate in tissues and cause long term exposure leading to adverse health effects.

In Summary…

Healthy brain and eye development in infants require substantial amounts of the fatty acid DHA that needs to be supplied by the mother. Marine based DHA present in Baby Smart provides the perfect ratio to support pre– and postnatal health with supplementation especially recommended during the last three months of pregnancy and throughout the time of breastfeeding.

DHA is also the omega-3 fatty acid abundantly present in a healthy human brain. Poor memory has been associated with low concentrations of DHA. Baby Smart with a high level of DHA provides nutritional support for age-related memory decline.

It is important to note that ALA from flax oil which can be found in many nutritional supplements can only be partially converted to EPA and DHA in the human body. Thus it is perhaps more beneficial if consumers purchase products containing uncontaminated DHA and EPA products rather than those that contain ALA, with the view to be converted to DHA and EPA in the body.

Why choose MUM-2-B Baby Smart?


  • The aforementioned purification process ensures that levels of pollutant meet or exceed global authorities’ limits.
  • Oxidation parameters are well below international standards as a result of the purification technology used and careful treatment of the applied high-quality raw material.
  • Produced according to pharmaceutical standards.


  • The fish oil component of Baby Smart is treated and purified in a HACCP approved manufacturing plant and licensed to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • GMP certification ensures high-quality products – is produced in a dedicated GMP-certified facility that is fully licensed for the production of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil.
  • Enzymatic production process ensures mild treatment of oils.


  • Science-based research and clinical validation for every condition-specific formula.
  • New solutions and processes for improved quality.
  • Highly concentrated marine Omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids.
  • State of the art science facilities/technologies.

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